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Andrew Arild

Born and raised in Campbell California, "The Orchard City", Andrew has built his life and his business where his heart lies. With extensive experience in Silicon Valley technology and more than a decade in real estate throughout Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Alameda Counties, there is very little that he is not connected to is some way. He is an expert in managing any real estate transaction regardless of how simple or complex the situation may appear. Andrew has made his reputation by being a clear communicator, a strategic problem solver and an outstanding negotiator. His primary goal in life and in business is to be authentic and transparent. "there is only one me and I don't act like a chameleon, changing colors to suit the situation", Andrew says, "and when I show up, when we work together you will get everything I have, completely engaged, to help you achieve your objective". 

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Cassandra Bowers

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